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This is the Pay Spot page.

Its primary purpose is to display one Dogecoin Multisig Address, and its balance.

Mobile to Mobile, the webpage is easily transferable via URL or QR code.

It's also linkable to reddit.

This page does not store sensitive data (only the address itself is used).


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Dogecoin Waters a Garden! (beta)


michi the cat
a host of house sparrows
See something new? Take a screenshot and share it at

(If the camera is working the service should be operational. it may take a moment for the livecam to load)
(it'll take a few seconds for the water to start dripping, and it's subtle)

Pay 10 doge to DTCarbon6cWX1f5YTjidDrpEnypoatsrH8 to enable the following functionality for 25 seconds

Water Plants: ONLINE

Rosemary Bush Lights: ONLINE (Best at night)!

Doohickey: OFFLINE (coming soon)

(what do you want to see?)
Click here to see pictures! (20170702)

Such Reference Module:

(refresh will only work once every ten seconds rabbitsan)

Version .010